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From: Ed Lopez
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Date: 16 Oct 1996
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Miguel, it was intersting that you noticed how Diego and Marrissa's sibling relationship affected the way they interacted with eachother and how you related similar interactions to your own sister. This brings me to a question I have for you. How do you think other characteristics besides sibling relationships, such as kids of different ages, different ethnicities, different expertise levels, different genders, ect., will or will not promote or inhibit any learning that you may or may not see at Barrios Unidos. Also, how do you see your own characteritics affecting or not any learning they may or may not experience. And putting this in a lareger context, how is your own learning affected or not affected by all these issues I presented to you. Also, last readings talked about field notes as a methodology to track development. Have you seen any development, in terms of any kids learning (i.e, moving form one point to another) while you made your observations? Have you seen andy development in yourself? Nice job, Ed.