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From: Pablo Chavajay
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Date: 16 Oct 1996
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Hi Ayal,

You wrote an interesting field note. I have a few suggestions and questions on your field note:

It would be very useful to elaborate the description of the event observed so that people who didn't observe that event can have an easy time visualizing what happened. For example, I don't have any idea whether you helped this particular child or not. If you did help, how would you describe the help you provided? How did you communicate with her? Did she ask you any question regarding how to work with the computer game?

In the description of the event you wrote, you included the following: "Also after thinking of myself and many people i thought maybe it's part of our learning. We might be more hesitant to try something new and prefer to play with what we know." It seems to me that these ideas belong to the reflection section.

Do you think that this particular child learned something interacting with you? If so, what?

How would you help children who are "afraid" to explore computer games?