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From: David Scott
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Date: 18 Oct 1996
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Jess wrote:

"He was trying to get the pointer to move slowly, and in small incraments, but he could not control the mouse enough to move it slowly. He was almost violent with it. He would push it off the pad, and he had a very strong grip on it."

Many people that I have worked with (adults and children) have great difficulty using the mouse. The sensitivity of the mouse's movement and double-clicking speed can be adjusted in the mouse control panel. It's usually desirable to have the mouse track slowly across the screen to allow for find adjustment, but for some reason the default setting is usually very fast tracking.

Double-clicking is also a common problem because it is necessary to keep the mouse perfectly still in between the two clicks. (I hate double-clicking so much that I have not used it in any program I have ever written.) A common easy alternative to double clicking is to click once on the object you wish to activate (such as a program icon) and then press the RETURN/ENTER key.j

The mice at BU are of low quality. I've noticed that the buttons often do not work.


p.s. Go see "The Long Kiss Goodnight". It's the best movie I've seen in a long time.