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From: Ed Lopez
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Date: 18 Oct 1996
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May, your field notes were very rich and well written. Your experiences with Hilda, Brenda, Laura, Marlin, Yenny, and Juan brought up some provacative issues. First off, you talked about Brenda and Karen becoming bored when they worked on the computer. You also talked about Brends telling you that some games were too easy. What roles do you think boredome or even frustration that children experience play in there learning? Also, you mentioned that a possible explanation Brenda told you the games were too easy is that she wanted to impress you. Why do you think she wanted to impress you? Also, when Marlin waited and waited to get to play with the Lion King game, and Laura didn't let him, why do you think Laura acted that way? Did she want your attention. Do you think that attention in this context a strategy she uses so that she can learn? Also, you provided a nice example of Juan working with Marlin. Do you think that children learn more working with older kids? How are kids who are the about the same age and same expertise? Another thing I wanted to say May, was that it seems that you worked with many kids while you were at Barrios Unidos. How do you think this affected any learning that may or may not taken palce within yourself. If not, Why? Overall, nice work, Ed.