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From: Ed Lopez
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Date: 19 Oct 1996
Time: 15:41:05
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Valerie, your field notes were very well writen and very robust. First off all, do you think because Alex and you were not able to play on a computer may or may not affect any perceptions he may have towards computer games? Also, when you were playing connect four, you mentioned that at first he wasn't able to win any games and see the diagnols. Your strategy was to let him win, with an understanding if he does, he would comprehend how to play. Do you think he may or may not carry this experience to other contexts? For example, you talked about how he was somewhat competative. Do you think that in other contexts, possibly with his peers at school, that if he wins he will continue to play and be competative or if he looses, he just may become tired, frustrated, and than leave? Another thing is his frustration and competativeness. Do you think that children who learn experience these processes and what roles do you think they play or not in learning? You next talked about how you and Alex moved on to dominoes and how he was very hyper and even hit you. I want to tell you, that I think you did the right thing. You can't let anyone, students, kids, or anyone else, put you in a situation that you feel uncomfortable. You said he may have done this to get your attention. Why do you think he wanted it? Do you think he attention is necessary for kids to learn? Lastly, you talked about how this may be the same for people who have kids. What other things did you learn from your experiences with Alex? Nice work, Ed.