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From: Ed Lopez
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Date: 19 Oct 1996
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Valerie, outstanding. Your expereinces with Nina touched on some very important issues. The main themes I got from them were language barriers and their influences on teaching / learning. Different ways both teachers / learners can express theirselves with out the use of verbal language, and the way you and Nina co-constructed and understanding of how to communicate and learn the Jacks. First of all, what are your thoughts on language barriers and its affect on learning. Obviously you overcame that potential barrier. Do you think other children you may interact with at Barrios Unidos will have simmilar issues?. Also, I noticed that you used models as a means of assisting her comprehension of Jacks. What other ways do you think you can use (i.e, questions, feedback, etc.) with kids you can speak verbally to vs. those who are like Nina and you can't really communicate verbally with. Also, what do you think Nina will do with this experience? Do you think she will carry it to other contexts, possibly at school when working with a teacher? Lastly, your reflections and inquiries were very insightful. You talked about you experience with kids through baby sitting, your need to learn Spanish and, to learn to work with kids. Do you think that you have the possibility of doing all thiese as you work with the kids at Barrios Unidos? Nice work, Ed.