Re: FN# 4:draft#1:Ana, paint program, drawing, conversation

From: Ed Lopez
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Date: 19 Oct 1996
Time: 16:07:14
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David, very interesting observations. First off, what do you think about Ana's boredom and lack of interest in not wanting to experiment with other options of the paint software? Do you think these experiences play a role in learning? If so, how? Also, I thought you did a real nice job on trying to encourage her to think about other ways she could develop her drawing skills. The use of crayons and paper was excellent. What do you think she learned from this experience, in terms of using something manually vs. using a computer to create a similar product? Do you think she may be more apt to continue to want to engage in manual activities vs. computer activites? Also, David, I found it interesting that she found if funny that you were still in school. What roles do you think you play in her thoughts about her own future academic / career orientations? For example, are you serving as a role model for her? Also, what do you think you learned from Ana? Computers and drawing skills are one, but at a deeper level, do you think that you are learning to work with kids at this age and be sensitive to their voice? Nice work, Ed.