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From: Ed Lopez
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Date: 19 Oct 1996
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Mercedes, you mentioned something very interesting in your field notes and reflections. You talked about how you and Edgar were experiencing difficulty with the computer cd rom (Hero). and how even though you two had gotten help from people and it still didn't work, Edgar remained calm. In your reflections you said, usually kids get anxious and frustrated when things like this happen and that when that happens you often feel anxious and frustrated as well and that you want to do something to make them feel better. However, because Edgar was calm, you too were calm. If you put this into the context of teaching / learning, do you feel that when you are in this context that if a kid is anxious, the teacher or expert who is teaching also needs to be anxious, or not? In other words, do they need to give back what the child is feeling? Also, this event really made me think how much a role the kids play in the context of learning. How the way the interact with others may either get the person anxious / furstrated vs. calm and relaxed. What are your thougthts on this? Also, what do you think Edgar learned fro this experience? What did you learn as well? Nice fieldnotes Mercedes, Ed.