Re: FN# ????:draft#1:"i'm constantly feeling unadequate"

From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 19 Oct 1996
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Hi Valerie--

The superb fieldnote!

I want to add to Ed's feedback only one point. You wrote, " I feel im fun for the kids to hang out with, but im constantly feeling unadequate."

I think you are making progress in finding purpose in your work with children. I believe that you need to find zone of comfort for yourself. Try to focus on what you like in the activity with children (e.g., in a game). When you learn how to intertwine uoyr own and kids' enjoyment of the activity a lot of guidance and learning will occur. Also your relationship with kids will probably become more and more stable and friendly because you both will be looking forward to meet each other again. What do you think?

Good luck,


PS Valierie, I found your idea of asking other students to observe you is great! You can initiate this practice by providing your own observations on other students who want that.