Re: FN# :draft#2:FN#3 Feedback on fieldnote writing

From: Eugene Matusov
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VisitDate: 00/00/96
Date: 19 Oct 1996
Time: 17:59:53
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Hi May--

Your fieldnote was great as well as your reply to Ed. I have here several organizational comments:

1) Please, put current fieldnote number after first FN#.

2) Write keywords of your fieldnote reflecting main idea of your observation (you can do it after writing your events, reflection, and inquiries).

3) Please, put the date of observation in the Date of visit window.

4) Please, list all the kids and adults you obsereved and talked about in your fieldnote.

5) For easy reading make paragraph breaks by pressing Enter key TWICE.

6) Before writing your revision (i.e., draft#2) make sure that at least two people provide feedback on your first draft. Otherwise people stop providing their feedback if they notice that you have written your revision already.

7) Write your revision (draft#2) as a reply to your original fieldnote (i.e., draft#1).

8) Your revision should include the full revised fieldnote.

9) I'm confused a bit if your reply to Ed is your revision (draft#2 as it's marked in the title) or it's just a reply. In the latter case, wait for at least one more feedback and write a complete new version of the fieldnote taking into account questions of people who provided their feedback.

Good luck,