Re: to David and Jess: Why is the ratio 2:1 is the limit?

From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 19 Oct 1996
Time: 18:28:12


Hi David, Jess, and everybody--

I agree with you that ratio can be flexible depandin on constraints of the educational environment (e.g., we can't have too many people at Barrios Unidos), structure of activity (David's example of Monopoly is good), our purpose (you may want to do longitudinal observations), dynamics of your work with the child(ren), your and child(ren)'s comfort and needs (e.g., some kids sometimes what to play alone without anybody), and so on.

I guess the specific of informal educational environment is that all these aspects of activity can quickly change and nobody fully in control ofg them. Which, I guess, leads to the idea that we should learn to become flexible and opportunistic. What do you think?