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From: Annie McDevitt
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Date: 21 Oct 1996
Time: 13:44:30


I was really excited about the ideas that came out of the article "Multimedia Learning Environments..." One thing in particular was the idea that the kids work throughout the semester was open to feedback by others, that their work was an on-going process. It struck me how in most traditional schools, students get one chance on a project or assignment. They turn it in, get a grade and have no chance to improve on it. The assignment is quickly forgotten and not that much is learned from the experience. This idea of projects that are done collaboratively over a significant period of time makes a lot of sense. As well, the idea of allowing a wider range of sources, such as professionals from the students community,provides students with real world experience. The idea of getting students to learn through experience instead of simply through research in a library sounds good. It seems like the techniques discussed in this paper lend themselves to a learning experience that really has an impact on kids. The kids can feel like their work counted for something, because they're not simply working for a letter grade. It seems like the kids would feel really invested in their work, as well as interested in the work of their classmates.

What did others think of this article??