Re: ME:Learning from boardgames

From: David Scott
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Date: 21 Oct 1996
Time: 19:39:04


May, I agree with your comments about the board games. It's interesting how the kids make up their own rules to compensate for a game that is too difficult for them or that they just have been taught the "proper" way to play yet. I have been trying to get kids to learn how to play by the official rules, but I've learned from watching the other educators that the board games can have value even when used in a way that was not intended. For example, Sharon and I were playing "Life" with a boy named Kyle, and I thought it was good how Sharon pretended to not know how to play the game so that she could allow Kyle to explain it to her. She also kept asking Kyle about the decisions he made in the course of the game. Thanks, Sharon.


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