ME:Hey I'm in!!!

From: Ayal Goury
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Date: 22 Oct 1996
Time: 02:33:20


Hey everyone, if you don't mind I think I'm ready to battle my technophobia and give this thing a shot. I'm sorry but it really was tough for me to jump in, then it piled up and got even scarier.we could probably talk about that as learning lesson alone. Anyway I caught up on a lot of readings in this web site and I think it would be easiest if I began from here, if thats cool. I'll just try to reply alot to make up for all I've fallen behind in. I'm pretty psyched!! This is an exciting thing to take part in. Props definitely need to go Eugene. Bad ass!!! How many classes have an opportunity to take part in this. This class is weird; everything is an experiment. The class itself is, the web site is, barrios unidos is, and so is it's UC connection. That's pretty nice!!

Your writings are real interesting and I learned alot from them; Ed's a little tough though cause he asks about a thousand questions; each of which can take an hour to write on. Speak to you on the notes.