Re: ME:Learning from boardgames

From: Ayal Goury
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Date: 22 Oct 1996
Time: 03:10:14


That's a good point may. Especially the part when you said they'll make up their own rules. These two blonde kids, brother and sister, if forgot their names, but they told me they know how to play Connect Four. So I said sure and we pulled it out. After a couple of moves i notice that they can't play the way I know how but in their version, one goes untill he put all his pieces in and first one to do so wins. So I played along and it got interesting. We ran into a problem which one was going too fast so they made up a rule that one player can't go too fast. Then it later developed to one at atime, after a bit it became two at a time. So in the end the game of connect four that the three oif us played goes like this:

a)set uo b)one person puts two in c)next person puts two in d)repeat cycle till both run out

Impressive, no! they put together a system of rules best suited to play a game with a given amount of pieces, plastic, whatever. Sometimes it got competitive, but it never mattered who won because they would just automatically play another game.