Re: ME:repley to learning from boardgames

From: Ayal Goury
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Date: 22 Oct 1996
Time: 03:23:36


We all agree that boardgames offer a lot. Can you do that with connect four, life. or monopoly on the computer. Can 2 kids make up their own game? I don't think so unless they learn to program, which is not likely. In the computer it becomes difficult. But at thesame time kids do get occupiedin front of a computer when they don't know what to do. It's something beautiful that I think we lose as adults. Kids have the ability to arouse their minds anywhere it's an amazing mind. So complex. It's unfortunate that it is not studied well enough in our society. That's why teaching may also lose value. In short society places little value on the one thing that bind all of us, our childhood.