FN# 2:draft#1:Hangman

From: Ayal Goury
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Date: 22 Oct 1996
Time: 04:27:29
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Boy, aged 6-7, forgot name


We were playing hangman and although he loved the computer game, he never guessed the vowels first. Time ran out.


This is an indication that he lacks an understanding that words are constructed from vowels. He didn't care though. So I tried to teach him some vowels but we ran out of time. But I want to continue to work with him and hangman except that version on disk is so complicated that I want to do it in paper. I hope he'll go for it! Or do you think i should stick with the computer version.


I want to help this boy learn these basics and it actually surprised me at first that he didn't know the vowels because I remember playing it with my peers and since we were pretty much on the same level I don't ever remember seeing someone play hangman before they are ready. The way I grew up, my peers were the programmers of the paper disk which my pencil clicked the appropriate letters in my head.