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From: Pablo Chavajay
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Date: 22 Oct 1996
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Annie, You wrote a very interesting field note. I like very much your reflections and inquiries.

I have some suggestions and questions: It would be helpful to describe in more detail the events you observed. That is, how did you help the children to play the games? and How did the children help you to play/learn the games? How did the two children help each other to play the game?

I was wondering whether you could elaborate more on the following statement "Today was an eventful day. I feel like things are coming together and I feel some direction as to what to focus on." Would you like to provide some examples in terms of kids and students' teaching/learning at Barrios Unidos.

You may want to consider to include the following statement in the Reflections section "I thought it was a good program, not just because of the amount of information it held, but also because it was conducive to use by more than one student."

In the Reflections section you mentioned to "work on our weak areas." Could you identify those weak areas? Do you have any suggestions as in mind?