Re: FN#3 :draft#1:structure in the paintbrush program

From: Pablo Chavajay
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VisitDate: 00/00/96
Date: 22 Oct 1996
Time: 17:47:11
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Please remember to include the names of the children and the visit date.

It would be very helpful to focus more the description of the event(s) you observed. It is difficult to know whether the children you worked with were boys or girls, whether they were collaborating with you or just following your directions. Please try to be more specific and try to provide enough context so that people who didn't observe the event(s) can visualize what happened.

You wrote "So i began testing the children by asking for things i.e. a blue circle with red filled in. With some kids we got to move fast enough to get to triangles as well." I would like to know why you wanted to "test" these children? Pablo