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From: Ed Lopez
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Date: 22 Oct 1996
Time: 21:00:03
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Miguel, nice observation on Juan's use of hand eye coordination and of your observation that he may like the game because of he violence that it involves. When you encouraged him to consider other facets of the game or read more info on it, how did you do this? I wonder, because by you telling him, or even suggesting to him in a way that wasn't informal (i.e, by putting your suggestion in a question where he has a choice), you may have been structuring. Also, what do you think Juan is learning by using Oregon Trail, in addition to the use of hand eye coordination. Also, what do you think you are learning from the game and your interactions with Juan? In your inquiry, you talked about hand eye cooridnation and its possibility of bieng unviersal? What are your thoughts on this? Miguel, overall you make nice observations. Please let me encourage you to elaborate on issues that you bring up, so that you provide a nice description of other issues that surround your main themes. Ed.