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From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 23 Oct 1996
Time: 13:02:22


Hello everybody--

Jess, thanks for your excellent idea to make a search through the database of our observations. Your finding of counter-evidence to Miguel's hypothesis that mainly girls play Jacks (because it is non-agressive, non-comptetetive game) is very good. However, this is not the decisive counter-evidence because Miguel probably did not mean that boys NEVER play Jacks, he just said that girls MAINLY play Jacks. Neverless, Jess' finding undremine a bit Miguel's hypothesis. More observations are needed and they should be systematic to examine the hypothesis.

Below I want to show how to make systematic search of the database of our observations. Assume that we want to find all messages that talk about "Jacks." For this purpose:

1) go to the web navigation header and select the "Search" option;

2) enter the word "Jacks" in the window and press the button "Search"

3) you'll get the following results:


Number of documents found: 10. Click on a document to view it, or submit another search.

Search Results

Document Title Size Date

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_cladis Discussion97K23 Oct 1996 03:34:06 EDT


4) ignore irrelevant messages like the last one is the Content list (it has the word "Jacks" just because Jess used it for title of his message). You may want to ignore Jess' messages because you know what he wrote by now. You may want to ignore "Introduction" message. All others seem to be interesting to read;

5) click on the title of a message of your interest (all titles are blue and underlined),

6) select the "Find" option in NETSCAPE icon toolbar and enter the word "Jacks" so Browser can find the word entries on the given page. Read everything that is relevant and copy most important quotes to your word processor;

7) go to the next posting in the Search list (you may want to double windows to keep the "Search results" page always open through the search.;

8) After making enter search, post conclusions of your findings with supporting qoutes and references to the postings (i.e., author, title, date and time).

Let me know if you have questions,


PS In next message (in replay on my replay) I show an example of systematic search.