Re: SUGGESTION: Community of game developers

From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 23 Oct 1996
Time: 14:09:32


Thanks, May, for initiating a great discussion of children making their own rules and strategies. I think almost all of you provided rich evidence that children do create new rules (and thus new games) and new strategies (like one that Sharon described with Solitair).

I have a suggestion. What if we asked children to write down their innovation (or help them to write, or in some cases, write for the kids). We can put the kids' idea on a bulletinboard so other kids from the same or the other group can read them. We can also encourage kids to read other kids' messages (or read the messages for them). So when a kid plays a specific game, we can encourage him/her/them to check the board to see what other kids came with (but let's not push the kids too much). What do you think?