Re: FN#3 :draft#1:structure in the paintbrush program

From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 23 Oct 1996
Time: 15:22:06
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Interesting fieldnote, Ayal. I think that Pablo and Jess provide useful feedback to you. Let me add something.


PS I'm looking forward to read your second draft of the fieldnote!



You wrote, "The paintbrush program was very overwhelming for both me and the new student approaching it. "

Can you elaborate, why it was overwhelming for both you and the child?

"So i narrowed the focus and attention to discovering the tools on the side of the screen."

It's a very interesting statement that is full of interesting assumptions about attention, narrowing down, "bottom-up"/"top-down" approach, and so on. Can you elaborate on that, please?

" I did this the way I was learning at the same time as well."

Excellent observation!

"I let the child try different configurations of the same circle. Then in different colors. Then i asked about the other circle tool. That was done and we talked about the differences such as one full in color and the other empty inside with a colored border. "

Nice description but I need to understand what you was after to visualize better the picture.

"So i began testing the children by asking for things i.e. a blue circle with red filled in. With some kids we got to move fast enough to get to triangles as well."

I really like to as-matter-of-facts description. It generates interesting questions: What was your goal in testing? Why did you need the testing? What was kids' reaction to the testing? I think some of these questions can be addressed in the reflection section.


"I found this to be a very effective method for narrowing down this program which neither I nor the child knew where to begin. "

Very good and thoughtful statement but it begs for elaboration. What was "this"? "Effective" for what? What is "narrowing down"?

"I was very impressed and gratified with the responses."

Very interesting. Can you say why you was pleased with testing results (I assume that you are talking about testing, right?)? Was the testing your way to see results of your instruction? Can you think of alternative was to assess kids' learning?

" They were looking very much forward to my next request for them to paint. "

This is very important part of observation. I'd recommend you to move this statement into Events section.


"I'm hoping I gave them an understanding of how to explore such programs on their own. Maybe now they will be more readily accepting of exploring new directions with the program. "

This, in my view, still belongs to Reflection section. Inquiry is some kind a question that focused you on the event(s) that you wrote about. My guess that your inquiry was how to help a kid with an activity that neither child nor you know how to apprach to? Is my guess correct?