Re: Ideological coersion

From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 23 Oct 1996
Time: 15:41:50
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Dear Ayal--

You comment, "I shouldn't really use the word testing because it sounds problematic," is very important. I'm really glad that you made it. I think that it is something very wrong if you feel that you can't express yourself because of pressure to get away from some terminlogy or practice. Please, feel free to express yourself in the language and practice that is the most comfortable and meaningful for you.

I think you was absolutely right to use the word "testing." It seems to be nice description of what you did (say if you disagree why it was not testing). As to using testing at Barrios Unidos, I feel it is OK to try and see what happens if you feel that testing is necessary part of your instruction. Please, be not discouraged to try. Children are tested in school almost all the time. I personally do not like testing because I think that testing replaces the activity itself.

Please, feel free to continue the dialogue.


PS. Ayal, I provided my feedback on your fieldnote but I guess I was too late. It maybe a good idea for you to read it anyway.

PSS Please, post your second draft as a replay to your first draft in future.