Re: ME:What about Oregan Trail and Carmen San Diego?

From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 25 Oct 1996
Time: 14:21:40


Hi everybody--

Annie wrote, "On Monday at our debriefing session, a few people expressed concern that the programs we had weren't challenging enough for some of the older kids, like Victor who's a sixth grader. After thinking about it, I agree that the games, many of them are pretty elementary."

That is interesting because I thought we have too difficult games and I was concerned that we don't have anough games for very young kids from 5 to 8. My son played a lot in Carmen San Diego and Oregan Trail when he was in sixth grade. What your observations on older kids playing these games. I don't know well other games.

I think the issue of having enough diverse activities for different age kids is very important and should be address. Let's keep observations and inform each other on findings. We'll be buying new games. Any suggestions will be very helpful.