ME:The Board Game Discussion

From: May Sarmac
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Date: 27 Oct 1996
Time: 18:36:42


Thanks for the feed back on the board game discussion everybody! Though we have all seen how board games can enhance social intereaction and how everyone can learn from it, I have seen a situation where a board game actually intimidated a kid from playing. See Kyle, Alex and I were playing Life one day. I didn't know how to play so the two boys made up some rules for me to follow. With their rules, the point of the game was to get as far ahead as the other players by spinning the number wheel and moving your car. I was stuck way behind them. After a while Alex left, so it was just Kyle and me. Then a girl, Yenny, came over to watch us. She noticed that we were playing the game wrong, so she explained how to play the game right. We started the game over, this time playing by the right rules. It wasn't interesting to Kyle anymore because he wasn't really beating anybody anymore. Soon Kyle left to play another game. It was interesting to see that Kyle didn't like the rules that someone else came up with, even though they were the right rules. I guess the new rules just weren't fun for him. It's interesting that the kids will make up rules, sometimes because they don't know how to play the game, but othertimes because they don't like the original rules. What do you guys think?