ME:kids and liability

From: miguel berkstrom
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Date: 27 Oct 1996
Time: 23:00:38


This past Friday several kids left the program with out informing us or having an adult gaurdian present. I found this to be very disturbing because of all the risks it implies for the program and the child. I don't know what B.U.'s policy is for children attending one of their programs but if a child is supposed to be there and isn't, and something happens to that child, there is a huge possibility of lawsuit. Programs can get shut down for negligence of this type. I feel it to be imperative that we keep the kids within the confines of B.U. until the program has ended. For their safety and ours. If B.U. has a different policy that I am not aware then that is fine, but if not then I plan to keep the children there until they are supposed to go home.