Re: ME:kids and liability

From: Ed Lopez
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Date: 28 Oct 1996
Time: 13:34:22


Miguel, this is a nice discussion topic. It centers around research, ethics, and consent. First of all, I encourage you to bring it up during class. Next, I want to say that the way we have our system with the kids set up, is that they have the choice to leave the program / activities at any time they feel uncomfortable or that they want to leave. Also, although some of the kids leave together in a group with their siblings and their peers, most of the time many of our kids are picked up by their parents or by an adult who picks up a number of them as a group. Now, these parents usually have brought this to our attention and the ones who are at the site who should be aware of this are Arelia the Barrios Unidos director and Maurice the site coordinator. I encourage you not to try and force any of the kids to stay at the site when they inform you that they feel uncomfortable or that they want to go. Again, two suggestions I have are to one, first play the role of a novice and ask they questions (i.e, "Why do you want to go, is everything alright?") and two, let Maurice know and let him handle the situation. Hopefully, Eugene will also give you feedback on this one. Also, lets bring it up during class. Hope this helps, Ed.