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VisitDate: 10/17/96
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Date: 28 Oct 1996
Time: 16:00:48
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During my visit to the computer lab I was surprised by the impact film and/or tlelvision has on children and the impact it actually may have on a child. In this case, Alex, had been able to associate the violent sounds he had heard on the computer and act them out. An example of the negative affects media has on children.


Alex(male) age unknown. Valerie(female-age unknown)


I was busy working with Brenda(age 5) on a computer working on the paintbrush game when Brendas older sister sitting to Brendas right started up a new game. This new game, which ever one it was began with a whip like sound followed by the sounds of a slow painful death. What really got my attention was when Alex age 5 was playing connect four with Valerie on the floor and stopped everything to get up off the floor and act out the sounds of this violent death. Alex acts out what sounded like a strangulation by holding his neck with both hands tightly and squirmishing on the floor.I was surprised at how well Alex was able to act out his death by associating the sounds he had heard on the computer with the sounds and sight Alex must have experienced from television or film.


Hollywood "fame or shame" The impact on children is alarming. Todays day and age has made life more comfortable for many but at what price? Children today are growing up at a much faster rate than ever before and learning things that are are not suitable for their age.


I couldn't help but to look over my shoulder to hear where these deathly sounds were coming from? I asked myself where could Alex had heard these sounds either on television or film. Or could he had witnessed such an act? I was shocked by his self srangulation although he did a pretty good job and the impact of media. In this case a negative consequence.