Re: ME: Subjective article

From: valerie boes
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Date: 29 Oct 1996
Time: 15:47:10


sharon- while i was reading this article i thought the same thing. i thought the article was good, but i think it presented a slanted point of view. One other part of the article struck out for me. the part that caught my attention was under the "empowerment prerequisites". this quote inparticular "as one participant put it, only half tongue-in-cheek,"Oh yeah, you university people are worse than the dope peddlers; now that we're hooked, you're going to take it away". this really disturbed me. at the beginning of the study they were told was the project entailed. it is sad that this is how the participants felt about having the software taken away, but to compare an experiment(which they knew the end results-the software would be taken away) to drug dealers was a bit out of line i felt. anyways in an ideal world everyone would have access to the same things, but this world is by no means ideal.vboes