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From: valerie boes
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VisitDate: 10/23/96
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Date: 29 Oct 1996
Time: 16:08:28
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Nela(for short) 13ish


On wednesday I worked with Nela again. This time we played on the c.d. rom. At first we tried to play grandma and me but we couldnt get the computer to talk in english(nela doesnt know english). We decided on the charlie brown game. the charlie brown game speaks english so nela got a little confused. but what happens in the game is you click on something and one of the characters say what you click on. ex- click on a shoe and it spells and says shoe. For a while whenever it would click on something like a shirt i would say camisa or what ever the object was in what spanish i knew. in response to my spanish she would correct me(which happend a lot). then we tried it that when she would click on something i would say it witht he character on the screen. then nela would say it. this went on for a while then she got bored.


My idea in playing the game this way was so that i would expand my small spanish vocab so i could communicate better with her. i also wanted her to feel like her language was important and that i too needed to learn. by doing this i think it was easier for her to stay with the game when we decided to speek english. This again reminded me of the importance of communication.


I am very interested in what goes on in nelas head. so many times i feel that were on the same page and then in two seconds i havve no idea what she is thinking, if im helping, if im buggin her. anyways i like to work with her. also when we were leaving miguel and me got to walk with her and her friend to the bus depot. it was fun, even more informal than at b.u.