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From: valerie boes
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VisitDate: 10/24/96
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Date: 29 Oct 1996
Time: 16:18:39
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Helda-14ish, a new boy 14ish, kyle-12ish


Thursday was one of the first times i have worked with older kids. it was very different than working with the younger kids. as usual there were not enough computers that the kids wanted to play on, so i started to play a game of life with kyle, helda, and this new boy who didnt speak english. None of us really knew how to play the game, so we read the instuctions. actually i read and as i read helda would pass out the various things that the instructions told us to. this was different from playing with younger kids because we actually were able to go through the directions with people understanding the object. After passing out the pieces of the game and starting it, we were able to go about one round before things got complicated and people droped the game. nonetheless it was interesting working with kids that could process the info.about how to play the game and play the game accordingly.


while i enjoyed my time with the older kids, i love working with the younger also. It was a nice change of pace to be able to talk to the kids(or at least have helda inturpret for us).


the main reason i decscribed this event was because it was different from any other time ive had at b.u. i had to leave about 20 minutes early and as a result didn't have time to really try to motivate the kids into sticking with the game so that sucked, but i felt good about my day.