Re: ME:Be a novice

From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 29 Oct 1996
Time: 23:21:10


Hi Ed and Miguel--

Ed wrote, "Again, two suggestions I have are to one, first play the role of a novice and ask they questions (i.e, "Why do you want to go, is everything alright?") and two, let Maurice know and let him handle the situation. "

What a great advice! Thanks, Ed.

Thanks, Miguel, for raising these important issues of other peopling using computers and kids leaving BU without permission. I alerted with Argelia and she also thanked you for your concerns. Argelia provifded several guidelines:

1) It's inappropriate for other people be in the room and use computers while kids are there. Please, alert Maurice or other BU people (e.g., Argelia) about the problem next time.

2) Argelia will talk with BU receptionist, Maurice, and kids' parents about srticter supervision of the children. Those kids who are allowed to leave by their parents should have messages from their parents. If you notice kids leaving, please, alert Maurice and/or direct the kids to him.