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From: Louis Lory
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VisitDate: 10/30/96
Collaborative: Selected
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Date: 30 Oct 1996
Time: 21:25:49
Remote Name: octal-lab-mac17.ucsc.edu



Jose age unknown,male Sharon and Louis


We all played the game Monopoly in the room next to the computer which was great for me because I had just arrived after riding my bike tired and hot. It felt cooler next door. having p layed the game which requires some math purchasing properties, homes, paying rent, ect. Jose had difficulty with some of the money, Jose was the banker and became anxious at times not being able to do the correct math. I noticed Jose pretending to bite his finger nails repeatedly when he got the wrong figures. Jose then used a pencil and paper to get the answer. Jose was determined to carry out his duty as acting bank teller. Jose ended up winning the Monopoly game which was fun playing cause I hadn't played in so long.


I believe the teaching-learning process to have been collaborative because we each had different duties and we helped Jose with some math problems. Also, I think the approach is top-down because we choose the game monopoly, picked a room, and began playing. There were many connections between the decisions made and the consequences. For example, each of us beginng with a certain amount of money and having to buget it well inorder to purchase properties and pay rents. At times I wished I hadn't bought as certain property or had wished for a better roll of the dice.


I was glad to have been of some help helping Jose come to the correct answer rephrasing the math problem differently or at times just sitting patiently till Jose got the corect the answer