FN# :3 draft#1: Nightmare on Front St.

From: Louis Lory
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VisitDate: 10/31/96
Children-Run: Selected
Top-down: Selected
Unclear-Type: Selected
Date: 31 Oct 1996
Time: 21:00:33
Remote Name: lib4076.cabrillo.cc.ca.us


After having put the hammer down on my cruiser in a hurry to get to the computer lab I was not surprised to see that none of the kids were present. I'm sure they were all busy getting ready to go trick or treat Fortunately, I was still able to spend some time with one of the other older kids using the computer. He turned me on to the game Mortal Combat; not one of the usual games available to the students. It was a pretty cool game trying to kill the opponnents.


male teenager myself


Luckily for me this guy(referred to as Mr.x) turned me on to a more interesting game known aS mORTAL cOMBAT. Mr.x was explaining to me which puttons control what and how to play. He demostated the game while telling me whats what I thought it was pretty cool that he turned me on to a much interesting game than the game Treasure something. Mr.x was excited to show me the game but told me we had to keep an eye out for someone or other. Once he was with directions he got up and split. I had a great time with the game and was able to learn some of the moves with which to defeat the opponnent.


well once inside the computer lab I noticed none of the kids were present. Too busy getting candy I suppose. THanks to Mr.x, who took charge of the situation and turned me on to Mortal Combat(displaying a children-run philosophy ) approached the computer terminal, booted the game, showed me which buttons controlled what and split. Implying "here's the game now play.


Mr.X was the only one present and didn't stay too long either. He merely showed me the game and left the lab. I was interested at the fact that Mr.X bailed me out of an uninteresting game and started up the game Mortal Combat- great game with cool graphics and neat weapons.