ME:New Psychology seminar in Winter 1997: Psych 100K

From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 31 Oct 1996
Time: 23:56:57


Do you want to make a difference in the real world?

Are interested in working with Latino/a kids?

Do you want to earn 7 credit hours?


Development of Thought and Language

Psych 100K MW 5:00-6:45 p.m. Soc. Sci. I 161, Call #36226

Psych 101A, Practicum twice a week: Tu & Th 3:00-5:30 pm (group I) or W 1:30-4:00pm & F 3:00-5:30 pm (group II) at Barrios Unidos Call #36228

Instructor: Eugene Matusov, Ph. D. Teaching Assistants: Lori Felton, M.S. & Pablo Chavajay, M.S.

In this seminar, we will draw upon psychological theory, empirical research, field experience, writing field notes, web discussions, and students' own beliefs about cognition and language to explore different modes and models of child development. This course involves a required 2-unit practicum where students work with children in an informal computer-learning lab at Barrios Unidos, a local community-based program for Spanish/English bilingual youth. The readings and projects of the seminar are designed to facilitate the integration of these experiences with academic knowledge. There will be no exams.

The seminar is organized around five core questions:

1. How do we know that there is cognitive and language development in children?

2. What could children learn from computers and computer games? How do the computers and games affect cognition and language?

3. How is informal learning similar/different from formal learning in contributing to cognitive and language development?

4. How is the bilingual multicultural Barrios Unidos community contribute to children's cognitive and language development?

5. How do you contribute to children's cognitive and language development at Barrios Unidos? How do the Barrios Unidos children contribute to your cognitive and language development?

Official Stuff:

Students must be concurrently enrolled in Psych 100K (5 units) and Psych 101A (2 units).

Enrollment is limited to 32.

Prerequisites are Psych 3 and 10, or Education 92B, or permission of the Instructor.

Want to know more? Contact Eugene Matusov at or call x5180

Total commitment to meaningfulness! Absolutely cool!

PS Notice that time of the class meetings have been changed from the Winter 1997 Schedule of Classes