Re: ME:Is speaking spanish okay at BU?

From: May Sarmac
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Date: 01 Nov 1996
Time: 18:45:15


Annie, I was thinking about what you said about the kids listening to English all day at school. My thoughts about that is that if the kids do listen to English all day at school, they may not get much of a chance to speak English. Have you tried speaking English to them and when they have difficulty understanding you or responding to you, talking to them in Spanish? See, since some of the kids do speak little English, having someone to talk to in that language may help them learn it. When I went on a family vacation to the Philippines six years ago, my aunts wanted me to teach my cousins English by talking to them in English. My aunts told me that the only other exposure to English that my cousins had were television programs. So I think that the kids can learn to speak English better if they actually interact someone who will talk to them in English. That way, they get to practice speaking English and learn the language at the same time. May