Re: ME:Who's this Wizard Guy?

From: Sharon Wie
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Date: 03 Nov 1996
Time: 22:46:56


I think the Wizard is a great idea, but I think the purpose and goal for it is very unclear. If it is true, as discussed in our debriefing friday, that we don't have a goal, meaning, etc. for the wizard and we as a class are expected to contribute, then I think we should wait until next quarter for the actual wizard to take place. This quarter is already half over and our desires and goals for the wizard may be different from the students working at Barrios Unidos next quarter. Since they will be actually working with the Wizard, shouldn't THEY be the ones to help decide wizard goals. It also seems like the whole decision process is going to take a long period of time. I think the decision is an important one and needs serious thought and organization. We don't want to confuse the kids again!