ME:the magic of la clase magica

From: valerie boes
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Date: 04 Nov 1996
Time: 20:43:50


I chose to read a theory of teaching as assisted performance and the magic of la clase magica. these two articles really went hand in hand. unfortunantly i read the magic of la clase magica befor a theory of teaching. in the magic of la clase magica, speaks of how la clase magica is structured. "a salient structural feature designed to promote collaborative realtionships in la clase magica is el maga(the wizard), an elusive electronic figure who communicates to the children via telecommunications." it goes on to ellaborate on the usefullness of the wizard. this made me think of barrios unidos. while im sick of discussing technology or lack of in b.u., i really feel that there does need to be something like the maze or the wizard or even something entirly different. i feel that the children are not really being motivated to come anymore. i see less faces than i did at the beginning. to have some sort of motivational tool, whatever it be, i think would keep the children excited about the program. right now im not feeling like much of a more knowledgeable other. i feel that i may be assisting the children, but not really in a direction. i feel like im seeing the kids i work with stay more in the 1st stage of zpd then to do the process of progressing through it. this may due to factors such as the fact that i dont really work with the same child every time or to the lack of computers, but nontheless im feeling a bit lost .