Re: ME:Deficit Theory repley

From: valerie boes
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Date: 04 Nov 1996
Time: 20:58:48


annie- i didnt read the article that you are speaking of, but i have read heard and read similiar things. i feel that it is hard to know what limits you should set when it comes to kids. its double as hard when you are working with kids that you dont know their background that much or what their culture is about.. i truly think either you are born with the gift of knowing, or you are like me and try as hard as you can to learn it. i dont think it is easy to know how hard to push a kid before its too much or too little. i think you can learn from articles books etc. but a lot of the knowledge comes from practice, observing etc. i think that by you reading that article and relating it back to your experience in palo alto, thats a good indication that you do know or at least are on your way to knowing.