ME:Steering Committee meeting, 11-5-96

From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 06 Nov 1996
Time: 01:16:02


Hello everybody--

Today there was a Steering Committee meeting where we discussed many of the issues that you raised about the situation on Barrios Unidos. Here are the results:

1) Rapid reaction structure for dealing with problems with computers has been established. All problems should reported to Maurice who'll the company we have an agereement. They promise to come to Barrios Unidos and fix computers next day.

2) All four CD ROM have been fixed and operational now.

3) 4 new CD ROMs will be bought in a week or so. Internet connection will be established as soon the University gives an account (if not, we'll go by a privite Internet provider this month).

4) I trained Maurice today how to setup all CD ROM games on all four computers. Maurice promised to setup all CD ROM games this week.

5) Antivirus software will be setup this week (or next week) on one of the computers and Maurice will be trained how to use it so any new coming software will be check first on this computer by Maurice. It'll be OK to bring new software but we have to run the antivirus test.

6) Maurice will monitor and organize the kids for cleaning up (5-10 minutes before the session's end. Please, help him to organize the kids.

7) Maurice will organize games and software in the shelf so kids can put it in a safe and organized manner.

8) Policy for using computers for outside people will be set and put on the computer lab door.

9) New software (primarly in Spanish) will be order this week.

Thanks for your help and raising important issue. Please, continue to do so in supportive and constructive way.


PS I hope I didn't forget anything.