FN# :draft#8 puzzles

From: valerie boes
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VisitDate: 11-06-96
Children-Run: Selected
Top-down: Selected
Informal: Selected
Date: 07 Nov 1996
Time: 14:22:40
Remote Name: mingong-mac-10.ucsc.edu



norma-13, manuela-14


yesterday was a pretty mellow day at b.u. Most of the kids didnt even want to play on the computers so they drew and painted. norma however stayed on the computers the whole time. i sat a little bit next to her and a little behind. first she was playing a matching game like memory. she was pretty good at it and had some good stageties. after everyone left in the other room, she moved to another computer and started to play the lion king. she was working on the puzzles. i wansnt offering any help to norma when she got stuck and she wasnt asking for any. the only interaction we really had was me watching her and every time she completed a puzzle she would look at me and smile and i would either smile back or say something like "good job". she played this game the whole entire time and didnt want to get off it when it was time to leave. what i thought was really cool is that when you take a while to put the pieces in the right spot, the voice on the game offers help. norma never took the help. this could be for various reasons-couldnt understand, didnt want it- whatever, but it was cool how every time she figured it out on her own. manuela was in the room painting for the most part, but she kept coming in and telling me to do things. the first time she came in she read my name tag and started to call me valerie boes for a while. then she went into the other room and painted a heart that said "miguel loves valerie". it was funny, she's a little jokester. anyways, she was trying to tell me a story of how she has a friend named valerie and her friend valerie likes this boy luis or something. even though i couldnt understand everthing with the pictures she drew and this note from her friend she showed me i got the drift.


i feel like i have a few friendships with a few of the girls at b.u. its a really good feeling to go in and have them know you by name. i was thinking of how b.u. related to la clase de magica yesterday, and although there are alot of differences, in both places people are thrown together not knowing what to expect. i really had a good day yesterday


i was very interested in how norma was thinking. when she was solving the puzzles she was doing it all backwards then how i would do it. but even though it took her a long time, she eventually got it on her own. the only help she got was a smile from me.