ME:Wizard & Gender Problem

From: Jakob Schulze
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Date: 10 Nov 1996
Time: 02:45:59


Since we have to define the Wizard for our program, we will encounter the question of gender for 'it' as discussed in the one reading for Mon 11th.

I had an idea. I'm not even sure if it's a good one:

What if we introduced the Wizard as a computer? A very intelligent one, of course.

Here's some pros and cons I could think of:

+ it has no gender (unless it is regarded as 'man'-made)

+ it is a good excuse for it not to show up, also for doing everything by email

+ computer don't have wisdom, but only decide after facts, so kids have to give precise info

- it might inhibit smalltalk about hobbies etc., maybe impersonal and cold

- what idea of computers do we give the kids?

- no-gender might not help kids to overcome gender roles

what do you think?