Re: ME:Maze and Wizard: pro and contras

From: Ayal Goury
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Date: 10 Nov 1996
Time: 16:59:27


I think that it would be a great idea to implemeny the maze. I don't know if Bu has either the space or the software necessary for that to happen. In regards to the wizard, I don't see why it would hurt to have it and Jakob made a good point by trying to keep it gender neutral. I think we should encourage concersation with the wizard to be done in Spanish if the child feels more comfortable with it. I think that getting the kids to be in contact with each other through e-mail would be wonderful. They get a purpose for computers as a tool and develop interpersonal skills with each other which would lead to a bond they share and hopefully more pride in the program.

I'm still unclear as to the wizard. He seems like nothing more than a messianic figure. Supposedly once the wizard comes all problems will be solved, no worries, we don't know what the wizard will do but we know it will fix everything. I think that's bullshit and we need to spend serious class time trying to figure it out because I think people are in for a big surprise when they see that even bigger problems will arise.