ME:Struggles through school

From: May Sarmac
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Date: 10 Nov 1996
Time: 23:55:07


When Ed gave his presentation in class, listening to the worries or challenges that those kids have to face to get through school reminded me of some kids when I was in high school. See, I went to a private school for eight years. In high school, there were quite a few students who transferred from my school to a private school and a number of those students, who were female, got pregnant. A few of the students left for different reasons: not enough money for tuition, families moved away from the area. Some of those students also left because they were in a gang or soon had families of their own. Towards the end of high school, I noticed that more students transferred into my school from some public schools in the area. A lot of them (mainly girls) transferred into a private high school because they needed the discipline of a private (Catholic) school. When I asked one girl why she transferred to our high school, she told me that if she didn't, she would probably not graduate from high school because she'd end up pregnant, cut too many classes, join a gang or end up dead. I don't know how to describe what I think or feel about what the girl I went to high school with or other kids that face those kinds of challenges. It disturbs me, though, that some kids have so many more challenges to face than other kids. I'm glad though that a lot of challenged kids know what their challenge is and are doing their hardest to reach their goals.