Re: ME:What causes struggles through school?

From: Jess Thyne
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Date: 13 Nov 1996
Time: 15:30:03


Eugene Said Why do you think so many kids got into trouble around adolesence? Do you think that they might not have enough guidance and care in their early years? Or because they had an awful environment? Why do you think your developmental trajectory was so different from theirs?

I think that kids struggle in school all their live, but as puberty sets in, and certain privlages that come with age (driving especially) are given, the struggles that kids face can be much more damaging. I mean that when you are 10 years old, it is a lot harder to attain drugs, party, and escape from the watchful eyes of your parents, not to mention sex drive is not much of an issue yet. All the struggles in addolescance have much more perminate consequences than anything most kids experience before adolescence.