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From: Mercedes Monaco
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VisitDate: 10/13/96
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Date: 13 Nov 1996
Time: 20:29:31
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Ana, age 7? Mercedes, Manuella, age 9?, (valerie)


I was sitting at a computer playing bricks while I was waiting for kids to arrive. All of a sudden I had arms around my neck hugging me and a little girl at my back saying hi. I turned around and it was Ana. I had colored with Ana last Wednessday (I didn't write a field note but you can see May's fieldnote titled Fun Drawing and my response.) Ana and I went to play on a computer and she picked out Snoopy's campfire game. When we sat down play she told me that we'd play for a little bit and then we'd color. We played the campfire game for a while and but she had played before and became bored. I suggested she pick out another game and she picked out the magic school bus (earth) game. We started it up and she played for a few minutes but then she got up and went to the art supplies and we picked out some supplies and went into the other room. We had a good time. She drew a lot of pictures (and only threw away one). I attempted to follow the directions in the orgami book in making some animals, but couldn't figure it out, so I began cutting out paper and pasting it on to another paper to make a picture. Ana also started to use this technique. Manuella came over to draw with us. She noticed that I was speaking in English and asked if I didn't speak Spanish. I told her I didn't. A little while later she was making a heart for Valerie. She wanted it to say "Valerie my friend" and was asking me how to spell friend. She had "f-r-e" written on her paper and I told her it was f-r-i-e-n-d. She didn't understand so I wrote it down and showed it to her. She knodded and smiled and changed it. Then she read it to me and asked if she had spelled "my" write. She had written m-a-y. I told her that it was just m-y. She changed it to m-e-y. Then I told her that there was no e and I wrote it down for her "m-y". She changed it to m-y-y. Finally I pointed to the second y. She pointed to it and shook her head no while looking at me questioningly. I shook my head no and she crossed out the y.


I noticed working with Ana this time that she was much happier with her art work. The last time I worked with her, she threw away most of her work, until after continuous complimenting, she agreed to give one to me. This time she kept all of the art work (except for the very first one) and excepted my compliments rather than arguing with me.


I noticed a lot of forms of communication, which is what my paper will be on. There was a lot of non-verbal communication with both Ana and Manuela. My interaction with Manuela was also full of different kinds of communication.