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From: valerie boes
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VisitDate: 11.13.96
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LearningArea: ZPD
Date: 13 Nov 1996
Time: 21:53:46
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norma, manuela


Today was a lot like last wednesday. There was about 8 or 9 kids and it was pretty mellow. a lot of the kids went into the room to color while only a handful stayed and played on the computers. Nela was playing the lion king and i was sitting next to her. she first did the matching part of the game and then wanted to change. so she started to play this part where you hear a word then click on the letters of the word(the word is also written out.) Nela had no idea what to do and was just clicking on random letters. once i realized what she was not doing, i pointed at the first letter of the word and pronounced s in spanish. then she clicked on it. after the s i did the same thing for two more letters until she got the hand of it. then she played that for a while untill she wanted to do puzzles. Nela was very good on the puzzles. she had stadegies and got through them with little difficulty. she didn't seem to need my help so i just kicked it. nela went to color and norma came and took her place. norma is a big fan of the lion king puzzle game because last week she played it the whole time and this week once she got the chance played it as long as she could. When nela was having problems switching from one game to another and i didnt know what she was saying, norma came over and was very helpful.


i feel that today i worked a little with manuala's zpd. she started at a point she couldnt get by on her own, and i helped her till she was able to master the task. while it was an easy task it was nice to see a little bit about what we have been talking about in class and reading about.


every time i go to barrios unidos i feel a little bit closer to the children. its going to be weird not going any more.(this is more just an observation)