ME: Class announcement: Final papers and other stuff.

From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 15 Nov 1996
Time: 13:58:19


Hello everybody--

1) I want to remind you that you should bring 1st draft of both your paper on Monday. First draft can be incomplete but include main ideas of the papers (see guidelines in Goals and Expectations web pages). Let me know via e-mail if you have questions. In class on Monday, you are going to exchange your papers and provide feedback to each other.

2) You should produce the second drafts by 7pm Nov. 20. and send them your TA via e-mail.

3) The computer specialist discovered computer virus in many computers in hard drive boot structure. Also some boot disks have it as well. The specialist removed the virus (at least he said so). We expect to buy and set up antivirus program next week.

4) Four more CD ROM drives will be installed today.

5) Internet connect will be set up next week (the delay caused by University opening new accounts).

6) Olga Vasquez suggested that we losing kids because our games are difficult for the kids and we don't have action games. Next week I'm going to check Fry's Electorincs to find and buy some non-violance action games (if I get money from University on time).

That is it.