ME:meeting olga

From: valerie boes
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Date: 15 Nov 1996
Time: 14:03:16


yesterday i met olga, the author of the article we read on la clase magica. i only talked with her for a few minutes but in that time i noticed a few things. 1. it seems really important to have knowledge on the ethnic group that you are working with. olga said that when she started off she went into the comunity and went to church and stuff. also olga i think is spanish. i think i have been stuggling with not knowing enough spanish words, and things that people of b.u are. i feel a wall that doesnt seem to come down. i feel it from every aspect of b.u. from the moment i walk in the door-the front desk people seem annoyed that im there- to when i go and try to help children who seem to see me an outsider. while there have exceptions, for the most part i am rarly one hundred percent comfortable at b.u. i am usually a good adapter to unfamiliar situations, and this is worrying me. excpecially if im planning on taking it again next quarter. that was sort of a tangent, but any ways another thing i noticed about olga was her spirti. she was very energetic and funny and just a cool person to be around. i could definintly see how she was able to make a project work-la clase. she had a way of making me feel less intimidated witht eh situation we were in- there was like 6 adults siting around a confrense table then me,louis and may walk in and they want us to talk. anyways im really glad i had the chance to meet her.